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HN Pro-Choice Coalition is a grassroots pro-choice advocacy group in Haldimand Norfolk County. We believe every person should be able to make personal decisions about the wide range of reproductive healthcare options available. People deserve the truth and access to all those options. We trust pregnant people to decide for themselves.

Education & Advocacy


In a climate where misinformation about abortion is widespread, our goal is to provide accurate and unbiased information on abortion and birth control. Research shows that abstinence education does not protect teenagers. Their future is too important to shy away from these issues. We work in partnership with progressive allies to educate the community on reproductive healthcare issues and rights.

Reproductive Freedom


Pro-choice isn't just about abortion. It's about all reproductive healthcare choices. It's about access to accurate and comprehensive sex education information so people reach their own decision without interference. Having an abortion is a deeply personal, private decision. No person should have to apologize for making reproductive healthcare decisions that are right for them. 


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HN Pro-Choice Coalition

Norfolk County, Ontario Canada

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